Mission2Message System Courses
Want to learn how to use my no-fail framework to creating messaging that answers questions, destroys objections, and leads target audiences straight to conversion?

It's called the Mission2Message System, and it's coming soon as a series of actionable, easy-to-follow, and results-driven courses. 
If Your Copy Isn't Converting...
It's Time To Go Back To The Beginning!
Hey Friends,
There's something you need to know about the Mission2Message System courses.

They're not going to teach you how to write copy.

Not because I don’t know how to teach copy - I do. In fact, one of my students is writing for one of the fastest growing Facebook ads agencies in the U.S. right now.

Not because I don’t think you can do it - you can. You know your offers best, and I totally believe in you.

The reason I’m not going to teach you how to write copy is because copy ISN’T where you need to start. You need to start at the beginning and build a foundation for every communication you have with your ideal clients and customers.

You need to start with your MESSAGING.

Mission2Message courses are based on my signature high-ticket service, the Mission2Message System framework for messaging. They take you back to the basics to help you create a framework for your overall messaging.

You'll learn EXACTLY what you need to share with your audience about your offers that will take them from passively sitting on the sidelines to excitedly jumping in the game and taking action.
(And by taking action, I mean whipping out their credit cards to invest in you!)

I'm pouring everything I have into this series of courses because I KNOW it's exactly the foundation every brand and business NEEDS to set their launches and offers up for conversion.

Yes, it's that good.

Up until now, Mission2Message System has only been available to my one-on-one high-ticket clients - and they LOVE it!

Just check out some of the results the Mission2Message System has helped some of my clients produce:
achieveD record-setting opt-ins for a $1K program
Fan favorite of many 2cc & Inner circle Members
I'll be releasing the Mission2Message series of courses soon.
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What Do My Clients Think About The Mission2Message System?
" I loved it because you asked me questions and made me dive into the tough stuff that is sometimes the small details we gloss over. And you could see it in ways I didn’t to put it together perfectly. "
-Marley Baird, Marley Baird Media
" This literally saved me SO much time! I now have copy for my sales funnel that I'm 100% confident is ready to launch and be profitable. "
-Chris Benetti, MembersPRO 
" This is fantastic! It's like a sales bio hacking of my product. "
-Amin Naserpour, Personal & Business Coach
" Every conversation I have with you changes my life Christa Nichols! So grateful for you!  Every one of these people [who applied for our program] described their marriage as hanging by a thread. We are their last hope - and your email woke them up! "
-Stacey Martino, Relationship Development
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