Writing copy that sets Sales records and Brings Clients & Customers Straight To the buy Now button
My Story
Just a few years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom running a small graphic design business. When my business took an unexpected hit in the summer of 2016, I dove into learning how to use social media to market my business.

That's when something unexpected happened. I fell in love.

Deep down, I've always been a storyteller who has a way with words. I became obsessed with digital marketing and found my calling writing sales copy for 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs and influencers. 

Today, I help my clients create more impact in their businesses and the world around them by helping them communicate with their target audiences in a way that promotes connection AND conversion.
Work With Me
Serving Clients with copy that Connects and converts!
I specialize in creating high-ticket launch copy and messaging frameworks that dial in deep on EXACTLY what target audiences need in order to invest in your offer, and it WORKS! Check it out:
  • Jamie sold out the beta launch of his brand new, untested program to a brand new audience in 48 hours - to the tune of $12.4K in pocket!
  • Stacey's signature program set records for the highest number of sales in one week with the help of email marketing - and added $87.7K to her dream home fund for her family of four. Two months later, we celebrated as the Martino's DOUBLED their goal of 200 challenge opt-ins, topping out at over 500 registrations in one week.
  • Chris stopped stressing and spent WAY less time (and money) on sales copy for his funnel than he thought possible. He's now READY to launch his software program with confidence!
courses & trainings
I just can't stop talking about copy and the amazing power of words that reach to the heart of what your audience wants and needs and the impact it has on sales and conversions. 

That's why I've created a series of in-depth, actionable trainings that will walk you step-by-step through the Mission2Message system, the proprietary framework I use to help my clients say more, serve more, and sell more. These courses are the deep dive you need so you ALWAYS know exactly what will connect and resonate with your target audience. 

Want to join the Mission2Message courses waitlist so you can be the first to know when you can get your hands on them? 
What People Say About Working With Christa Nichols
"Every conversation I have with you changes my life
Christa Nichols! So grateful for you! Every one of these people [who applied for our program] described their marriage as hanging by a thread. We are their last hope - and your email woke them up!"
~ Stacey Martino
Relationship Development
"I loved it because you asked me questions and made me dive into the tough stuff that is sometimes the small details we gloss over. And you could see it in ways I didn’t to put it together perfectly. "
~ Marley Baird
Marley Baird Media
"Copy is always the part of a launch that I get held up on. But I was able to hand this system to my team, and for the first time ever they could just run with it without me becoming the bottleneck for the copy. "
~ Rachel Pedersen
Social Media United
"Y'all got to get on board with this one. Christa's knocked it out of the park. I'll tell you, answering her questions made me review the basic reasons why I wanted to go online and help business owners just like the ones I've been serving for so many years offline."
~ Michael Mareschal
Run A Better Company
Let's Connect!
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